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Helsinki Metropolitan Reuse Centre closes stores for the time being – item donations are still accepted

All nine stores of Helsinki Metropolitan Reuse Centre are now closed due to the coronavirus situation.

Helsinki Metropolitan Reuse Centre (Kierrätyskeskus) has initiated cooperation negotiations. These are negotiations with employees to discuss conditions for workforce reduction by dismissals, temporary lay-offs and shifts to part-time work due to economic or production-related reasons.

You can still donate items for reuse 

Unbroken, clean and high-quality items can still be donated to Helsinki Metropolitan Reuse Centre. Donated items are received only at the Kyläsaari location in Helsinki, at the Nihtisilta and Suomenoja locations in Espoo and at the Koivukylä location in Vantaa. Donated items reception points are open from 11–18 on weekdays and Saturdays. 

Thus we continue to provide customers with an ecological manner to dispose of unused items. Please note that the reception points do not accept furniture, but household items, home textiles, electronic appliances and bicycles are welcome. 

Online store remains in service 

The online store of Helsinki Metropolitan Reuse Centre continues to serve customers at kauppa.kierratyskeskus.fi. Items purchased from the online store can be picked up from the donated items reception points still in service. 

The online store sells a variety of items including used bicycles, books, tabletop games, art and craft supplies and home exercise equipment. Home delivery is available for items purchased from the online store. 

The donated items pickup service completes the pickups ordered no later than 27 March, but no new pickup orders are now accepted. 

Environmental education specialists continue to serve businesses, associations, other organizations and groups as normal. 

Helsinki Metropolitan Reuse Centre can be contacted by email at info@kierratyskeskus.fi in any question related to the centre’s operation. 

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