A ShedHelsinki musical theatre rehearsal. Photo: Helsinki City Theatre

Helsinki City Theatre and ShedHelsinki step up collaboration – new musical to premiere in December

“We all have a need to be seen.” Helsinki City Theatre intensifies collaboration with ShedHelsinki Foundation, which supports diverse child and youth work with special attention to children with special needs. ShedHelsinki’s new musical theatre production to premiere in December 2019 will be performed at City Theatre’s Studio Pasila.

“This time the musical will also be rehearsed by City Theatre, and from the autumn onwards, we’ll have 100–120 children and young people rehearsing together weekly. The rehearsals will be held at Studio Elsa in two sets on Mondays and Tuesdays,” says Director General Kari Arffman of Helsinki City Theatre.

Taking its model from Chickenshed Theatre, the musical production offers children and young people of different ages and from differing backgrounds opportunities to perform, to be seen and to express themselves in a safe and egalitarian environment.

“We want to encourage all young people to express themselves. Our goals are also to increase acceptance of differences and diversity as well as to promote interaction and encounters on an equal basis,” says Veli-Matti Mattila, Chairman of the Board of ShedHelsinki Foundation.

The upcoming musical is the fourth one by ShedHelsinki, an operation that differs from the mainstream. It continues a series of acclaimed musicals – Seikkailu jouluyönä (“adventure on Christmas night”, 2018), Prisessa Ruusunen – Paluu tulevaisuuteen (Sleeping Beauty – Back to the Future, 2017) and Peter Pan (2016).

The musical to premiere at Studio Pasila on 7 December 2018 will be presented at a media event to be held at Helsinki City Theatre’s Studio Elsa (Ensi linja 2) on 2 September. Ticket sales will start at the same time.


ShedHelsinki is a musical theatre project differing from the mainstream, in which the journey is more important than the destination. The activity gives children and young people an opportunity to present themselves as they are, as unique individuals. Together with others and safe.

The goals are to establish in Finland a musical theatre tradition emphasizing diversity and to make Finland a country where people have the courage to believe in dreams and to be seen exactly as they are.

ShedHelsinki is modelled after Chickenshed Theatre of London, which has made art out of diversity together with children and young people for more than 40 years.

ShedHelsinki Foundation, founded by the Finnish telecommunications company Elisa in 2017, seeks to render the activities of ShedHelsinki a long-ranging operation. The main work of the foundation is carried out through musical theatre clubs.

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