Helen optimises district heat production as one of the means towards carbon neutrality

Helen is improving energy efficiency in the district heating network by acquiring a digital control system that optimises the district heating network. The system will enable the reduction of both emissions and costs.

The digital optimisation system for district heat production and network will enable the management of production, consumption and distribution in the entire district heating network through a single solution. The digital platform will allow efficient building of demand response control in the future. This will bring new possibilities for reducing both emissions and costs.

The system in question is a real-time extension to Helen’s existing automation and production planning systems. The extension for Helen will be implemented by Valmet. The optimisation application for the district heating network is part of Valmet’s industrial internet services for customers in the energy industry.

Helen aims for carbon neutrality by 2035

“Helen aims towards carbon-neutral energy production, and the optimisation of district heat production and the district heating network is one of our numerous means of attaining this objective,” says Helen’s Director Heikki Hapuli.

By 2025, Helen will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 per cent compared to the 1990 level, increase the share of renewable energy in energy production to 25 per cent, and halve the amount of coal used.

Helen will phase out the use of coal in full by 2029. Helen’s energy production will be carbon neutral in 2035.

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