Bioenergy heating plant to Vuosaari.

Helen invests in renewable energy and closes Hanasaari power plant

Helen’s Hanasaari power plant will be closed by the end of 2024. Heat production will be replaced with heat recycling with heat pumps, energy storage, and a bioenergy heating plant planned for Vuosaari.

Helen has made preparations to phase out the use of coal and to close the Hanasaari power plant for several years. A completely new heating and cooling plant has been built under the Esplanade Park, and the Katri Vala heating and cooling plant located in Sörnäinen is currently being extended. Furthermore, a cavern heat storage facility, which is unique even on the global scale, is currently built in old oil caverns.

“Helen has the means to replace coal. We continue to invest in large-scale recycling of energy with heat pumps, and we also have projects for the storage of heat. Over a slightly longer time scale, we are investigating several emission-free technologies, such as geothermal heat, utilisation of seawater-source heat, and small modular reactors,” says Helen’s President and CEO Pekka Manninen.

The coal act approved by Parliament will determine the time schedule and, at the same time, the available solutions.

Bioenergy heating plant to Vuosaari

Helen has investigated the possibilities of building bioenergy heating plants in different parts of Helsinki. Helen’s Board of Directors made a decision to plan for the Vuosaari bioenergy heating plant with an objective to enable an investment decision on a new plant in spring 2020. This and the previous investment decisions on heat pumps and energy storage will make it possible to close the Hanasaari power plant.

“The bioenergy heating plant designed for Vuosaari represents a medium-sized bioenergy heating plant on the Finnish scale, meeting about a quarter of the coal use of the closing Hanasaari power plant. The envisaged plant would account for about 15% of Helen’s fuel consumption,” says Project Manager Antti Saikkonen.

The plant would be located next to Helen’s existing power plant site in Vuosaari. The planning objective of the plant is to have it ready for production use in autumn 2023.

The present decisions are estimated to have no impacts on the price of district heat.

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