Helen Photo: Kari Pilkkakangas

Helen prepares to invest up to 50 million euros in growth companies disrupting the energy industry

Helen Ltd has launched a new investment operation, Helen Ventures, which aims to team up with start-up partners in accelerating the transformation of the energy industry. Helen Ventures will be a strategic investor supporting the growth companies that are disrupting and renewing the energy industry. Helen's investment will amount to EUR 50 million over the first five years.

Helen Ventures is committed to maintaining long-term partnerships. It will focus on companies and technologies that are in the seed stage or have already initiated growth, and which have a strong vision, innovative solutions and clear growth potential. Helen Ventures is led by Terhi Vapola, who has extensive and diverse experience from investing in growth companies, technological innovation and the start-up world.

In our search for partners, we will be straightforward and open-minded. Interesting new initiatives can be found from both energy-related technologies and digitalisation, and the circular economy. However, everyone is united by the opportunity to create ever smarter and cleaner energy solutions. Together with our partners, we want to accelerate the breakthroughs in the whole industry,tells Vapola.

Helen Ventures will provide its partners with long-term funding, practical support and networks, as well as an environment for collaborative innovation. With Helen, start-ups will also have the opportunity to be nimble in piloting ground-breaking innovations in the energy industry and to be able to connect with up to half a million customers. In total, Helen reaches 1.7 million Finns.

Establishing Helen Ventures and partnering with growth companies is a major step for Helen on the path to carbon-neutral energy.

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