Ground and seabed surveys conducted in Hakaniemi area

Ground and seabed surveys are conducted on the shores and in the sea areas of Hakaniemi and Merihaka in June–August 2020. The surveys are related to the construction of the Crown Bridges (Kruunusillat) light rail line and new development in the Hakaniemi area.

The surveys are conducted with a drilling track vehicle, which operates from a barge when on the sea. Work sites on land are fenced off from the rest of the area, but they do not cut off passages in the area.

A work barge moving in water areas does not close water traffic or prevent the use of marinas. Boaters should, however, pay attention to the survey activities and act with due caution when moving in affected water areas.

The drilling vehicle and its barge work on one survey point at a time and move on to the next survey point when the work is finished. The work may cause some temporary noise.

The surveys are used to investigate ground and seabed conditions and soil qualities.

Crown Bridges light rail line

The Crown Bridges will connect Laajasalo, Korkeasaari and Kalasatama to the city centre with a 10-kilometre-long light rail line. They will also provide a new maritime route for cyclists and pedestrians.

The most visible parts of the project are the three Crown Bridges: the bridges of Kruunuvuori, Finke and Merihaka.

The construction of the Crown Bridges light rail line will involve other earthmoving and construction, road and street construction, and municipal infrastructure operations. Some of the related projects are the demolition of the old Hakaniemi bridge and the construction of a new bridge in Hakaniemi.

Construction is scheduled to start in several areas including Hakaniemi in 2021. The current goal for project completion is in 2026.

Hakaniemi develops

Hakaniemi will be altered a great deal in the 2020s, when the historical neighbourhoods of Hakaniemi become complemented by new housing, business space, hotels, culture and magnificent waterfronts for recreation. The role of the Hakaniemi station as a public transport hub will strengthen greatly when the Crown Bridges light rail line is completed.

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