Front door entry and exit to change in part of trams

HKL is restricting passenger entry and exit through the front doors in articulated trams, where only one door blade will be available to the passengers. The aim is to protect the drivers from being exposed to the coronavirus. Passengers entering through the front doors must use the left side of the doors. The use of the other doors is not restricted.

The restriction applies only to older articulated trams, where the cab is more open than in other models. Entry to the cab area is blocked by closing the front part of the front door. 

The customer service duties of the drivers have already been cut out to prevent the spreading of the virus.

When you travel in public transport, please mind your personal hand hygiene. The drivers strive to open all tram doors at the stops where passenger enter or exit, if it is possible due to security reasons. In the metro, the doors open automatically at every station, so it is not necessary to touch the opening button.

Further information about public transport and the coronavirus on HSL's website at