Franzénia turns into day care centre

Franzénia is an old historical building, which offers an exceptional environment for day care activities.

The Franzénia building, designed by architect Väinö Vähäkallio, was completed in 1930. The building was used for academic purposes until 2009, from the 1960’s onwards by the University of Helsinki. The building and its site are owned by the university, which leases the property to the City of Helsinki.

The new day care centre to be located in Franzénia has been designed with special attention to diverse uses of space, as well as to logistics, acoustics and special needs. A building renovation has converted the academic milieu into premises well suited for the needs of early education and care. The goal of the renovation was to render this three-storey building for both daytime and evening activities.

The first floor is occupied by day care spaces, a kitchen, clothing care facilities and social spaces. The second floor is occupied by the festivities and sports hall, a multiple-use space, and personnel work and offices spaces. The third floor is occupied by team work spaces and a smaller sports facility. The front of the building can be well accessed by cars and other modes of transport for children.

New learning environments for early education and care

Day Care Centre Franzénia will be the hub for the Playful Learning Center run by the University of Helsinki’s Department of Teacher Education and for the City of Helsinki Department of Early Education and Care in its efforts to develop learning environments as part of a national network.

The network’s multidisciplinary expert teams develop new and innovative learning environments in cooperation with children and parents, students of Teacher Education are actively engaged in the work, and the City of Helsinki staff develop their skills. The activities also support teacher education.

The learning environments developed at Franzénia will serve as pilot environments. Learning environments refer to the physical, psychological, social and emotional environments of early education and care, which are developed towards national goals. The work will involve workshops. The Playful Learning Center will complement Franzénia’s activities.

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