People with face masks.

Face masks mandatory on public transport from 13 March

As of 13 March 2021, all those aged 12 or over must wear a face mask when using HSL public transport. The only acceptable reason for not wearing a mask is if you are unable to do so for medical reasons.

Due to the current epidemic situation, wearing a face mask is of utmost importance. The mandate does not apply to persons who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons. HSL does not require a separate report on these medical reasons; it is enough to simply state you have a medical reason.

HSL ticket inspectors and security guards may advise a passenger on the use of a mask if they are not wearing one.

For the majority of our customers, the mask mandate will not have any impact on their travel, as on average around 80% of passengers have already been wearing a mask on public transport. Thank you to all of you working with us to keep public transport safe.

The obligation to wear a face mask will be added to HSL’s Conditions of Carriage.


Photo: HSL