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Helsinki Design Week to introduce festival pass

For the first time, Helsinki Design Week is to provide festival passes to this year’s events. By registering, the visitors can more easily obtain information about the particular events they find interesting. At the same time, the festival organization will gain valuable information about which events are the most interesting ones to the visitors.

Some of the events must limit the number of participants due to limited space, for example, or they require the participants to be known to the organizer in advance. Separate tickets are sold to these events or they may require registration in advance. Most of the HDW events are free of charge just like before.

The HDW2019 Festival Pass is for all Helsinki residents and visitors interested in design. It includes entrance to all more than 200 Open Call events organized during Helsinki Design Week. The passes help inform the audience on what is going on at the moment and offer last minute cancellation tickets to those interested, for example.

The Festival Pass is free of charge but does require registration. The registration will start 19 August 2019. The pass allows a 50% discount for this year’s main exhibition and provides information about free and charged events in good time before the event starts.

Separate tickets will be sold to the shows and panels at the main venue. Due to limited space, the number of participants will be limited.

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