Crown Bridges.

Crown Bridges project moves to City Board and Council

The Kruunusillat – Crown Bridges – project has passed the City of Helsinki committee procedure. The project will next move to the Helsinki City Board and City Council, which will discuss the project during the summer and autumn. The Crown Bridges project involves the construction of a tram route to connect the Helsinki city centre and Laajasalo over major new bridges.

The City Planning Committee discussed the general plan for the project in the beginning of May. The general plan describes the proposed tram lines and project-related cycling and pedestrian paths. The plan also includes the project’s cost estimate. The committee decided to propose to the City Board and further to the City Council that the general plan be approved.

Because of the feedback from residents, the City Planning Committee also discussed an alternative tram route that would pass through the area north of Merihaka. However, the northern route fails to fulfill the travel time targets set for the tram line connecting the city centre and Laajasalo, and it would be more expensive and slower to realize.

Further planning and the realization of the alternative tram route would be carried out with attention to the functionality, safety and recreational possibilities of the Merihaka waterfront area.

In addition, a project plan was discussed earlier in May by the Public Works Committee and the Board of Directors of the Helsinki City Transport (HKL) municipal enterprise. The project plan describes the manner and timetable for implementing the project components described in the general plan. The Public Works Committee and the HKL Board of Directors also decided to propose to the City Board and Council that the plan be approved.

The proposal will be discussed by the City Board during the summer. It will proceed to the City Council no earlier than the end of August. Consequently, it will be known in the autumn if light rail will serve Laajasalo at the beginning of 2026.

Not only bridges

The Crown Bridges – Kruunusillat – project would give the growing eastern Helsinki area of Laajasalo a smooth public transport connection to the city centre. The project would comprise 10 kilometres of rail lines, a cycling connection, pedestrian paths and piazzas. As part of the main rail and cycling routes, the project would improve connections in the entire Helsinki region. The most visible part of the project would be three new bridges, one of which (the 1,200-metre Kruunuvuorensilta) would be the longest bridge in Finland.

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