Photo: HSY

Collection vehicles start touring in early April

This year, HSY’s collection vehicles tour in the Helsinki from 1 April. You can bring domestic hazardous waste, electronic devices and scrap metal to the vehicles free of charge.

Hazardous waste includes energy-saving light bulbs, paint, solvents, cleaning chemicals and batteries. The collection vehicles will not accept impregnated wood, explosives or asbestos.

Metal scrap includes items such as bicycles, metal containers and metal cans. A great number of electronic devices are taken to companies’ reception stations. Any medicine should be returned to pharmacies.

Give your items to the collection vehicle staff only, placing each type of waste in its own vehicle. You can recognise staff members from the HSY safety vest. Environmental advisors travelling with the vehicles help you to follow the sorting instructions.

The city-specific stops and timetables of the collection vehicles are available on the HSY website. Check the HSY website to read the waste sorting instructions and collection vehicle information on a map.

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