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City bikes roll in Helsinki next summer

Helsinki’s new city bike system will be in place after 1st of May. At first, there will be 50 city bike stations and 500 bikes serving the inner city, and the system will expand in 2017. The Helsinki city bikes can be recognized from their bright yellow colour.

“City bikes promote sustainable mobility in Helsinki,” says Ville Lehmuskoski, CEO of Helsinki City Transport (HKL). “According to the city’s strategy programme, Helsinki seeks to increase the combined share of walking, cycling and public transport by one percentage point per year. City bikes and public transport together are an attractive alternative to driving.”

The Helsinki city bike system is procured by HKL. The contract has been made for 10 years for a total value of 12 950 000 euros. The system is supplied by Moventia & Smoove. The bikes and bike stations are supplied by Smoove, and Moventia ensures that the stations are supplied with bikes at even rates and that the bikes remain in good condition. Clear Channel Finland organizes project promotion and partnerships as a Moventia & Smoove subcontractor. The city bike partner has been selected and will be announced in the near future.

City bikes will form a part of the overall public transport travel chain in Helsinki. The city bike stations, the availability of bikes and route information will be included in the revised Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) journey planner, which is optimized for mobile devices. The inclusion of city bikes in the public transport routing system is unique by worldwide standards.

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