Quality tap water. Photo: HSY

Celebrating Finland’s high-quality tap water and centenary of independence

Good water supply is key to the progress of society and business. Clean water and the high hygiene standards that it enables are a foundation of health and wellbeing. Water is an essential part of Finland and the Finnish character. Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY makes sure that the over one million people of the Helsinki metropolitan area can enjoy high-quality drinking water, which comes from Lake Päijänne and is treated by HSY.

Tap water in Helsinki fulfils three crucial criteria: its quality is excellent, it is ecological, and it is cost-efficient.  It is part of the overall Finnish drinking water supply, which meets the highest standards.

Water flows from the tap in Helsinki 99.999 percent of the time. HSY’s average break in supply was 5 minutes per resident in 2016, and we repaired 270 broken pipes in the metropolitan area during the year. It is vital to take care of the water supply network, a total of 3,000 kilometres in our service area, in order to secure the supply.

“As the population grows in the region, we continuously invest in water treatment and supply,” says Veli-Pekka Vuorilehto, who manages treatment for drinking water production at HSY.

Vuorilehto explains, “HSY has two water treatment plants, the Vanhakaupunki and Pitkäkoski plants, which process lake water for about 24 hours before it is pumped to customers. The Vanhakaupunki plant was renovated recently, and it’s now Finland’s largest water treatment plant. The Pitkäkoski plant will also be renovated in the next few years.”

Let’s drink to the 100-year-old independent nation of Finland and our high-quality tap water!

We communicate to Finnish consumers about high-quality tap water and hold tap water in the high esteem that it deserves. Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA), HSY and 15 other Finnish water utilities have produced a “tap water opera”, which is shown and heard at movie theatres, on radio, web TV and social media to the end of April. The water campaign is visible in the cities of Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kuopio, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Pori, Porvoo, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Turku and Vaasa. The campaign is part of the Finland 100 centenary programme of 2017.

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