A night bus.

Buses to operate a normal summer service from 17 July, more weekend bus services

As restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants have been lifted, passenger numbers on weekends have gone up dramatically. HSL increase Saturday and weekend night bus services from Friday 17 July. 

The number of weekend night services will increase by a total of 460 services. For example, the number of bus services departing from the Railway Square between 2am and 4am on Saturday nights will increase by 110 and the number of services from Kamppi will increase by 40. A total of 3,100 Saturday services are being added. A Sunday service has been operating on Saturdays.

You can find the new timetables in the Journey Planner; remember to enter a search date after 17 July.

It takes time to implement additional services as drivers’ shifts must be planned in advance and drivers must be notified of upcoming shifts in good time. Moreover, as we are currently in the summer holiday season, extra drivers may not be readily available.

HSL do their best to make travelling on HSL public transport as safe as possible. However, there are things you can do to increase your own and other people’s safety. Please allow more time for your journeys than you normally would so that if a bus is crowded, you can wait for the next one. Especially at peak time, walk or cycle where possible. 

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Photo: Seppo Laakso