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Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are materials that can harm people, property or the environment owing to their explosiveness, inflammability, radiation properties, toxicity, corrosiveness or other quality.

The rescue departments of Helsinki and Uusimaa are jointly prepared for hazardous material accidents with compatible equipment and a shared chemical emergency response unit.

Chemicals control

The control of extensive chemicals storage and handling is the responsibility of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES). Storage and handling of limited amounts of hazardous materials are controlled by the local rescue authority.

The chemicals control performed by a rescue authority comprises control of industrial handling and storage of chemicals including liquefied petroleum and natural gas; inspections of oil heating equipment; and control of the sale and use of fireworks supplies.

Reports of hazardous materials under the authority of the Helsinki City Rescue Department are sent or delivered to the City of Helsinki Register Office.

Reports and their attachments can also be emailed to


Industrial handling and storage of chemicals are governed by the act on safe handling of hazardous chemicals and explosives (390/2005) and the Finnish Government regulation on the control of the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals (855/2012). Liquefied petroleum and natural gas is covered by the Finnish Government regulation (858/2012) on safety requirements for plants for such gas.


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