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Emergency medical care

An emergency medical care unit cares for a victim to a sudden illness or an accident at the scene. As necessary, emergency medical care involves the transportation of the patient to hospital or to a health station.

The first contact when in need for emergency medical care is the emergency response centre, tel. 112. The centre makes a risk assessment during the call on the basis of the information reported. The appropriate emergency medical care team is dispatched to the scene according to the risk assessment.

The organization of emergency medical care is the responsibility of hospital districts. Service level orders prepared by hospital districts define the manner of the organization of emergency medical care and the content of care. The tasks of emergency medical care are regulated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS) divides emergency medical care services among seven districts. The operations are steered and managed by the emergency medical care doctor in charge.

The Helsinki City Rescue Department and HUS have a cooperation agreement on the organization of emergency medical care services. The emergency medical care call centre in the area of the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCS) in Helsinki operates at the central rescue station. Ambulances are placed at all eight rescue stations of the Rescue Department.

Telephone Health Service number  (09) 310 10023

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