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Oil spill response

There are about 2,000 oil spills in Finland each year, most of them involving small amounts of oil spilled onto the ground. Environmental hazards caused by, for example, small spills of fuel can be eliminated with swift preventive action by absorbing the fuel in an absorbent substance.

If you detect an acute oil spill, contact the emergency response centre, tel. 112

Local rescue authorities are responsible for oil spill response in land areas, on inland water bodies and in coastal areas. The Finnish Border Guard can assume the responsibility in a large-scale accident or for some particular reason.

In case of an oil spill accident in Helsinki, response activities are carried out in accordance with the oil spill response action plan currently enforced by the Helsinki City Rescue Department. The activities are participated by several partners who have agreed on cooperation in such accidents. The Helsinki City Rescue Department’s oil spill response depot is located in Santahamina.

15.05.2019 15:55