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Animal rescue

According to the law on animal and environmental protection, an ill, injured or otherwise distressed wild animal should be helped. A badly injured animal can only be helped by ending its suffering.

The animal rescue unit of the Helsinki City Rescue Department helps ill, injured and distressed animals in Helsinki. You can call the animal rescue number of Helsinki City Rescue Department: +358 (0)9 310 30151.

The Helsinki Zoo’s wild animal hospital cares for wild animals in distress.   

Rescue animals can be reported or they can be delivered to the rescue animal centre during the centre’s opening hours.

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the University of Helsinki serves 24 hours.

Animal protection cases should be reported to the police.

Call the emergency number 112 only in such urgent situations where general safety can be significantly endangered or when the task requires special equipment or expertise of the authorities.

15.05.2019 16:30