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Information content of the invoices

Accurate data and information ensures rapid and efficient processing and timely payment of invoices. Invoices with incomplete or incorrect markings are returned to the sender. In these cases we are not responsible for possible delays in the payment. The invoice must always comply with the requirements set for invoice markings in the Value Added Tax Act. More information is available at the Tax Administration's website

In addition, we ask you to pay attention to these guidelines when sending invoices:

Order number
As a biller, you must include our order number, which is found in the upper right-hand corner of our order form, in the data of the e-invoice. In the Finvoice e-invoices our order number must be in the data element <OrderIdentifier> (Note the order number of the City of Helsinki)

Order form
We kindly ask your sales organisation to require that all orders by the City of Helsinki are carried out by filling in suitable order forms. This way your invoicing department will receive information about the individual order number of our purchases.

Each order is invoiced with its own invoice
Each order must be invoiced with its own separate invoice. In other words, multiple invoices should not be combined to form one invoice.

Contract number
Invoices based on contracts should always include the contract number that specifies the client and the contract. In the Finvoice e-invoices, our contract number must be in the data element <AgreementIdentifier>