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E-invoices are a convenient, effortless, secure, and quick way to handle your incoming invoices. The e-invoice will become available to you as soon as within one day of invoicing and can be paid with just a few clicks. You will no longer need to type in the account and reference numbers, all you have to do is accept the invoice information. This means no more typos and no more paper invoices. In addition, you will be able to archive the invoices electronically.

The e-invoices sent by the City of Helsinki are displayed in your online banking service exactly like the paper invoices you used to receive. You can register as an e-invoicing customer of the City immediately. No customer number or invoice number is required.

For instructions on how to start using the e-invoicing service, please refer to your online banking service and the customer information service of your bank.

Making life easier! Receive and archive City of Helsinki invoices electronically