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Decision making

The City of Helsinki’s Financial Management Services public enterprise provides services of finance and payroll administration for the city group of Helsinki.

The public enterprise has a five-member Board of Directors, elected by the City Board, which is in charge of arranging the enterprise’s administration, operations and internal supervision. The board’s assignments include, among others,

  • deciding on developing the enterprise’s operations
  • setting the enterprise’s targets and monitoring their realisation
  • approving the enterprise's budget and budget plan
  • deciding on the enterprise’s investments and other long-term costs
  • decides on how the enterprises is divided into department-level units and names the directors of these units
  • decides on the pricing criteria of services

During the autumn 2019, the board meets as follows:

  • Tuesday 8.10. at 8
  • Tuesday 5.11. at 8
  • Friday 12.12. at 8

Board of Directors (in Finnish)

Decision notifications (in Finnish)