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Registration and course payments

You can register at any time during the academic year if there are places left in the course. Please note that courses might have limited availability and the most popular courses are usually sold out fast. To secure a place, we recommend registering well in advance, or preferably, on the day the course registrations open. See dates and times below.

Find courses

To register to our courses, you need to have a registered home address in Finland. You can register online, by telephone or at any of our customer service desk.

Register electronically on

  • You need Finnish online banking credentials and a Finnish personal identity code to sign up online.
  • Create a new user profile or log in and sign up for a course.
  • Test course for practicing registration: Enter the course code H226037 into the search panel.

Register by phone or at a service desk:

If you do not have Finnish online banking credentials or a personal identity code, you can register in person at one of our service desks (open Mon–Thu 10.00–16.00, closed from 24 June to 31 July). Find them at:

  • Opistotalo Course Centre in Kallio district at Helsinginkatu 26, 2nd floor
  • Malmitalo Cultural Centre in Malmi district at Ala-Malmin tori 1 B
  • Maunula-talo Cultural Centre in Maunula district at Metsäpurontie 4
  • Stoa Cultural Centre in Itäkeskus, Vartiokylä district at Turunlinnantie 1

You can also enrol by phone on +358 (0)9 310 88610

Registration to Finnish courses, Autumn 2022

Registration to Finnish courses starts on Wed 10 August at 10 am. Register electronically on the Ilmonet service, by phone or at a service desk. See instructions above. 

To register you on a course, we need the following personal information:

  • Your full name (first name and surname)
  • Finnish personal identity code or date of birth
  • Home address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

Find our Finnish courses on Ilmonet.if:

Find the Finnish course by The Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre on this page: Ilmonet - Finnish courses in the Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre.

Finnish as a second language (S2) customer service

Got a question about our Finnish courses? Contact our study guidance by phone, tel.  09 310 88644.

Before registrations:

  • Tue 9 August at 10.00–15.00

During the autumn term 5 September–5 December:

  • Mondays at 13–14 (service in Finnish and Russian)
  • Tuesdays at 13–15 (service in Finnish and English, also enquiries on the YKI language test)
  • Wednesdays at 13–14 (service in Finnish and English)

Course registration dates

Registration to autumn 2022 courses starts in August, and registration dates are staggered based on the subject, as follows: 

Monday 8 August

  • Arts
  • ICT and media
  • Dance and sports, health and wellbeing

Tuesday 9 August

  • Social sciences
  • Cooking
  • Hand crafts
  • Drama and literature
  • Music
  • Nature, environment and navigation

Wednesday 10 August

  • Languages
  • Finnish as a second language (S2)

Cancelling a course registration

Please note that registration is binding. If you cannot take part in a course you have registered for, cancel your course place as soon as possible. Cancel your place by visiting our customer service point, by calling us on +358 9 310 88610, or by emailing us at You can also cancel your place by logging in your profile at

  • You can cancel the course registration free-of-charge 7 days before the course starts at the latest.
  • If you cancel the course registration less than 7 days before the course starts, you will be charged 50% of the course fee.
  • You will be charged the full course fee if you do not attend the course without cancelling your place, or if you cancel the course the day the course starts or after that. The course fees are eligible for enforcement without a court order.

Course payments and discounts

After registering for a course, you will receive an invoice by email. The invoice includes a direct payment link that is active for 2 weeks. If the invoice is not paid through online banking, it is sent to the customer's home address after the course has started. We add a postage fee of EUR 2 to the paper invoice. 

Registration can be cancelled for free at least 7 days before the course begins.

The course price is based on the number of lessons per course. One lesson is 45 minutes. If you register on a course after halfway through it, the course fee is 50% of the full price, but always at least 12 euros.

Discounts for concessions

Discounts for unemployed jobseekers, seniors and other concession groups are available as per usual. Get in touch with our customer service advisors if you wish to check whether you are eligible for a discount, tel. +358 9 310 88610.

Discounted courses for immigrants

Courses for immigrants are already 50% from the normal course prices. Other discounts for immigrants are not available, except for training voucher holders.

Our customer service advisors can help you check whether you are eligible for a discount, tel. +358 9 310 88610.