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Stara at buildings

Helsinki is constantly growing and developing. In order to maintain their vitality, the city and its residents need day care centres and schools, sports venues and market halls, health centre and hospitals. New facilities are constantly being constructed and old ones are renovated for new users and needs. Often renovations are carried out concurrently with normal use, which is a real feat.

Here at Stara we specialise specifically in the renovation of city-owned buildings and renovations carried out concurrently with normal use. We want to make sure that schoolchildren can enjoy clean indoor air, that health centres can serve their customers in functional facilities and that the yards of day care centres are safe for children to play in. Our core expertise also includes the repair and restoration of valuable buildings and special structures as well as rebuilding projects both large and small.

No matter where you look in Helsinki, you are sure to see the results of our work. We believe that quality pays for itself.