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Stara's logistics centre
We procure, repair and maintain the City’s vehicles and work machinery. We also arrange deliveries of all sizes.

From the Stara logistics centre, all the City’s service locations can order products from several contract suppliers with a single order, even in small batches. The sign service, reuse centre, flag flying service and equipment rental operate under Stara’s Logistics unit.

Events and their logistics

We support events by taking care of the signage, stage structures, fences, benches, canopies, flags and transportation.

Logistics centre

The logistics centre provides the entire Helsinki Group with the tools and supplies needed in its daily work. The selection includes products from more than 200 contract suppliers.

Reuse centre

Vehicles, work and small machinery and building materials used by the City are removed from use through the reuse centre.
Equipment decommissioned by the City of Helsinki is sold in an auction which is held twice a year and open to everyone. The auction includes vehicles, work machinery and their accessories, among other things.

Auction materials in Finnish

Sign service

The sign service manufactures traffic signs, street name signs and various stickers and tapes. The product range also includes construction site signboards, property maps, safety signs, large format prints and design services.