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As of 1 June 2017, Stara’s operations have been directed by the Board of the Helsinki City Construction Services. The Board has five members. Each member has a designated deputy. The City Board appoints the members and deputies of the Board for a two-year term. In addition to this, the City Board appoints the Board’s chair and vice-chair. The Board's chair is Otto Meri

Composition of the Stara Board 


Deputy member

Otto Meri (NCP) 

Maarit Toveri

Anita Hellman (SDP) 

Kalle Mikkolainen

​Vellu Taskila (Greens)

Anna Laine

Nina Sundell (Urban Environment Division, Administration and Support Services) 

Kirsti Laine-Hendolin (Culture and Leisure Division, Administration) 

Marko Karvinen
(City Executive Office, Strategy)

Mauno Kemppi (Education Division, Administration and Support Services, Premises Services)

Further information: Administrative Lawyer Eero-Pekka Eskelinen,, tel. 09 310 38 425.

Information on decision-making and official decisions is available in Finnish.