Oskessa esillä Ants Vahterin valokuvanäyttely Escaping Reality

Osaamisfestareilla tehtiin historiaa kun Stadin osaamiskeskuksen ensimmäinen näyttely avattiin. Stadin osaamiskeskuksessakin opiskeleva taiteilija Ants Vahter on valokuvannut kaupunkinäkymiä Helsingistä ja Tallinnasta. Valokuvanäyttely Escaping Reality on nähtävissä 04.06.2018 saakka Stadin osaamiskeskuksessa. ma-pe klo 9-15.45

Näyttelyn kuvaus englanniksi: 

Photo Exhibition “Escaping reality”

The concept of reality is one of the most difficult for research and science. Reality is what really is. However, the difficulties begin as soon as we undertake to clarify what "in fact" means, because in an attempt to define this state of affairs we are faced with a variety of different positions.

When we speak of photography, I would like to note the words of the worlds-famous Brazilian photographer Sebastio Salgado: "The photographer is the actual one who draws with lights, the person, who writes and rewrites the world with lights and shadows."

For science, the highest destination is truth, the highest goal of art is beauty. If the world were perfect, art would not exist. Therefore, the artist's goal is to find the interior of beauty, and not an external accident. The connection of time allows us not to lose meaning in all this. The enchanting nature of Estonia and Finland and the unique architecture of Tallinn and as well as Helsinki, contribute to all this. As the world-famous Russian poet Joseph Brodsky said, "We are leaving, but beauty remains, for we are striving for the future, and beauty is an eternal present.”