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What is physiotherapy?

The purpose of physiotherapy is to improve and maintain the client’s health, mobility, motor skills and ability to function. Key methods of physiotherapy include guidance and advice that promote health and ability to function, therapeutic exercises and providing instructions for proactive self-guidance and exercising. Physiotherapy appointments can be arranged for individual clients or groups and via a remote connection.

More information about the service

Paediatric physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy includes the assessment and rehabilitation of motor skills, mobility and ability to function.

The service is intended for Helsinki-based young people under 16. Clients generally need to be referred to the service by a healthcare professional (physician, nurse, speech therapist, occupational therapist, maternity and child health psychologist, specialised healthcare professionals).

The required therapy, home exercising instructions and the monitoring of the progress are planned based on an assessment together with the child, the parents and the child’s support network. Physiotherapists also encourage the entire family to perform everyday physical activities.

The services are free of charge for clients.

Pre and postnatal physiotherapy

Physiotherapy provides both pregnant mothers and mothers who have given birth with family coaching group services.

Instructions and tips on how to prevent overburdening the musculoskeletal system during pregnancy or childbirth and supporting the development of the child’s motor skills and information about the importance of increasing the amount of everyday physical activities are provided in the groups.

Individual physiotherapy appointments can also be arranged, if necessary. These appointments generally require a referral from a maternity and child health clinic nurse or physician.

Contact information

Physiotherapy appointment booking and guidance:
Mon–Fri between 8 and 15, tel. +358 (0)9 3106 7000.

A call-back service is available.

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