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Maternity and child health psychologist

What are the services of a maternity and child health psychologist?

Maternity and child health clinic psychologists aim to support parenthood and the child’s development and to observe any potential problems with the child as early on as possible and to organise the necessary support, together with other operators.

A child may be referred to a psychologist’s appointment when it is necessary to study the child’s level of development or any possible developmental problems, or when a psychologist’s assessment of the child’s need for support is required or sending the child to a specialised healthcare examination is considered.

Further information

How can the service be applied for?

The service is available for clients with a referral from a maternity and child health clinic and clients referred by a rotating special needs teacher.

A referral is required for booking an appointment with a maternity and child health psychologist. You can cancel the appointment by calling or sending a text message to your psychologist, if necessary.

Contact information

  • Finnish-speaking clients: Tue and Thu between 12 and 13
    South-western guidance and consultation phone services, tel. +358 (0)9 3104 5741
  • Swedish-speaking clients, tel. +358 (0)9 3106 0979

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