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Health station services

Health station services

Influenza vaccinations 2019

Influenza vaccinations at the vaccinations points have ended. You can book an appointment for a vaccination to your own health station using the e-services or calling your health station.

The telephone service is busy

At times our telephone service is very busy. It may take longer than normally to answer the calls. We recommend you contact us via the e-services. We will answer you as soon as possible during the health station opening hours. For some treatments you can book an appointment to a nurse via the e-services. Self-care instructions and contact with a professional at the health station can also be done via the website Omaolo.

Are you worried about your health or do you need support with treating a long-term illness. Are you suffering from symptoms that have occurred suddenly?

We offer public health nurse, nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, mental health nurse and substance abuse nurse services. We will start solving your problems during your first contact with us, utilising our varied team of specialists.

Kalasatama Health Station services:
on weekdays from 7:00 to 20:00 by appointment 

Notice! The health and substance abuse services at the Kalasatama Health and Well-Being Centre are open 8:00-16:00 during the period 23.12.2019–12.1.2020.

In urgent matters, please see instructions below.

I need urgent care, and I cannot wait until tomorrow 

I need non-urgent care 

I wish to cancel or change the time of my appointment 

I would like to book an appointment online for a vaccination, injection or removal of stitches or staples 

Our staff 

I am looking for my treatment information, laboratory results or prescriptions 

I would like to have an online health check-up 

112Please note! In the event of a severe and life-threatening illness or accident, please call the national emergency number

11.12.2019 08:50