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Kalasatama Health and Well-being Centre

Kalasatama Health and Well-being Centre

We provide a comprehensive range of social and health care services under the same roof.

Siirry terveysasemapalvelujen sivulle

Are you concerned about your health or do you need help with care of an illness?

Health station services >

Siirry sosiaalipalvelujen sivulle

Having problems in your everyday life?
Needing help in housing?

Social services >

Siirry suun terveydenhuollon sivulle

Time to control your oral health?
Suffering from pain in your mouth?

Oral health care services >

Siirry psykiatria- ja päihdepalvelujen sivulle.

Do you suffer from mental health problems och is an addiction disturbing your life?

Psychiatric and substance abuse services >

Siirry fysioterapia- ja toimintaterapiapalvelujen sivulle

Needing support with ability to fuction or with mobility?

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy services >

Siirry senioripalvelujen sivulle

Do you or your next of kin need support for well-being or the daily routines?

Services for older people >

Siirry maahanmuuttopalvelujen sivulle

Needing help in integration?

Immigrant services >

Siirry vammaispalvelujen sivulle

Needing help in everyday life?

Services for the disabled  >

Siirry ehkäisyneuvonnan sivulle

Looking for a suitable contraceptive for you? Maybe an IUD or an intrauterine device?

Contraceptive advice >

Siirry tupakkaklinikan sivulle

Hoping to get rid of smoking?

Tobacco Addiction Clinic >

Siirry laboratoriopalvelujen sivulle

Having a referral to laboratory tests?

Laboratory services >

Our other services at Kalasatama

Suddenly hungry? Had to skip breakfast or looking for a nice place for lunch?

Restaurant services >

See how easy it is to sign in using the self-service machine.

Information and self registration >

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