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It is important to use the necessary protective gear during hobbies and while doing sports. It is good to remind the child to be careful in traffic (more on the travelling to and from school page). Accidents can also happen at home.

Schools have accident insurance, in case accidents occur during school hours or while travelling to or from school. Small accidents that happen during the school day will be treated at the school. In the case of more serious accidents, the pupil will be sent to a City health station. If necessary, the teacher will send the child to receive specialist medical care. The parents will be immediately notified of any accidents, and they are responsible for escorting the child to any treatment necessary.

In case of accidents, it is good to practice some first aid skills with a child. Good instructions for first aid in instances of various accidents and sudden bouts of illnesses are available on the website of the Finnish Red Cross, for example. Information about first aid in instances poisonings is available on the HUS website.

Mouthguards and helmets can protect against dental injuries.

Safe equipment protects the child if they get into an accident in a hobby or in traffic.

What to do if a child suffers a dental injury

Remain calm and try to calm the child down. Calm and purposeful behaviour of the helper creates a sense of safety. Find out what has happened. Examine the injured child.
Contact a dental service immediately, if

  • A tooth and its roots have come loose
    • Seek dental treatment as soon as possible
    • Take the loose tooth with you. It can be set back in place at the dental clinic. Store the tooth in milk or water on the way to the clinic.
    • Do not clean the loose tooth by yourself.
  • A tooth has moved from its correct place
    • If a tooth has been knocked, it may cause it to come slightly loose or move it from its place. Do not move the tooth.
  • A tooth has snapped or broken
    • The child has severe tooth ache
    • Wounds in the mouth area may bleed heavily, so do not panic! 
    • Use a sterile folded bandage to stop the blood. Deep wounds need stitches. Do not touch or flush the wounds or teeth unnecessarily.

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