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When a school-age child falls ill

As a child grows and develops, their immune system will usually also grow stronger. However, the child may still fall ill, and the various symptoms can concern the family. If a child falls ill at school, the parents will be notified. The Accident page has information on accidents.

It is often easier to look for the causes of physical symptoms and pains. The child’s symptoms can also be behavioural. If the child’s behaviour changes suddenly, it may be connected to anxiety or bullying, for example. More information on these topics is available on the mental healthpage and bullying page.


A school nurse is attending an injured child.

The most common illnesses can be treated with the help of home care instructions, but if you worry greatly, you can ask for advice from the telephone health service and health stations, for example. When you need an appointment with a doctor, these should be the primary places you contact. 

Telephone health service number (24 h): 09 310 10023 

Contact information

These pages below offer information and advice on common childhood illnesses and minor injuries and their treatment. Topics have been selected based on the questions most often asked over the phone or at the emergency clinics.


Abdominal pain

Acute laryngitis

Aphtha (in Finnish)


Bites and stings


Burns and scalds


Cold sore (in Finnish)



Dental injuries (in Finnish)


Ear infections

Eye infections

Febrile convulsions


Food allergies in children

Foreign bodies


Head lice

Mononucleosis (in Finnish)

Neonatal jaundice


Obstructive bronchitis




Pox diseases

A runny or blocked nose

Shortness of breath

A sore throat


Toothache (in Finnish)




Lapsen hengitystietukos. Lapsi vetää helposti henkeensä ruokaa, makeisia tai pieniä leluja. Oikealla ensiavulla pelastat lapsesi tukehtumiselta. Perheentuen ja Suomen Punaisen Ristin videoilla opastetaan:

  • miten tukos poistetaan vauvan ja lapsen hengitysteistä. 

Jos vauva tai lapsi ei hengitä, tarvitaan puhallus-paineluelvytystä. Videolta näet:

  • miten annat vauvalle ja lapselle puhallus-paineluelvytystä.




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In case of accidents, it is good to practice some first aid skills with a child.

Child's mental health

Good everyday life supports the mental health and well-being.

Health stations

If your child become ill, contact your health station where you can make an appointment with a general practitioner or a nurse.