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Mental health

When day-to-day life feels good, the mind feels good too. You can build your everyday life and that of your family into one that promotes well-being. Everyday life also entails challenges, bad days and hardships. How you approach difficult situations is important. You can always learn something from the past, but living in the past is not wise.

A mother is seeing a psychologist to talk about her worries related to mental health.

Most of the time you can choose what kind of things in life and in your family you wish to concentrate on. Being together and talking about matters can help you get through difficult times. If you take care of yourself, you will also have the energy to support other family members when they are going through hard time.

Sometimes you cannot cope alone. Everyday life may become too hard. If this happens, you should not hesitate to ask for help and support from loved ones or, for example, the City’s home services for families with children Various organisations also offer peer support, for example. Read more in the lack of networks and support section.  

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24.07.2020 10:05