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Parenthood and everyday life

A family’s day-to-day life includes many big and small challenges for the parents to manage.

A family’s day-to-day life can include playing, songs, crying and laughter.  As a parent and educator you will face many challenges and problematic situations. 

Here you can find answers and support for managing parenthood and managing your day-to-day life. Furthermore, setting boundaries, educating a child about intoxicants, and sexual education are matters that many families also need to think about. 

Everyone can need support in their day-to-day life . Additionally, the family may go through various crises and changes that are part of life. You should not hesitate to look for help, even for problems that seem small.

Remember to enjoy the beautiful, happy and fun moments of family life, too. You may be surprised to see how many there are in your everyday life.

19.07.2018 09:10