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School-age children’s own hobbies

Helsinki offers plenty of hobbies and recreational locations. For parents, a child’s own hobbies can mean that they have some time for themselves or that they need to drive their child to the hobbies.

The Activity search page offers a comprehensive selection of hobbies for children and young people in Helsinki.

Tips for parents:

  1. Remember to listen to your child when choosing a hobby.
  2. Show interest in your child’s hobbies. New sports, games and trends are fascinating. By asking about them you can find out what your child enjoys doing.
  3. A hobby is supposed to be fun and stimulating: if your child does not enjoy the activity, talk to them about it. Your child values it when their voice is listened to; this is about their leisure time.
  4. Be careful not to overburden your child with too much to do. Sometimes, parents’ big expectations may put pressure on the child.
  5. A school-age child also needs time for free play and for being with their friends and family. There are many activities available that do not require an instructor or travelling.

21.07.2020 15:22