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Internet, social media and gaming

Smart phones, tablet devices and gaming consoles are part of a child’s day-to-day life. Many of these devices are also part of the adults’ life in a way they have never been before.

A father is teaching his child safe internet use.

Children’s smart phones give them access to the Internet, social media applications, messaging services and the newest games. This is why setting limits for gaming and phone use can be challenging. The key issue is not how much time the child spends on these devices. What they are doing with is more important.

Ask your child what they are playing and what kind of social media services they and their friend use. Please also keep in mind the age limits of social media services (more information in Finnish: The most common minimum age recommendation or limit for these services is 13 years. There is more information available on the age limits of games, movies and TV shows at (in Finnish).

Game educator's handbook, EHYT ry

Internet and game addiction 

09.03.2020 09:34

Screen time

What does the child do with the devices?

Setting boundaries

How can I set boundaries?

Sleep and rest

Ensure that your child sleeps enough.

Addiction and educating a child about intoxicants

It is possible to become addicted to gaming and surfing the web.