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Screen time

Screen time bring up many opinions. Screen time refers to the time the child spends using a computer, gaming console, tablet device or TV. As a parent, you have the right and obligation to restrict your child’s screen time. Excessive screen time may get in the way of exercise or sleep. 

A mother and child are playing on a gaming console.

Screen time varies. Watching videos or movies is passive, but making videos and gaming can develop the child’s thinking and skills. For example, motion-controlled games can be a nice and beneficial hobby for the whole family. You should talk with your child about what they do with their phone and on the computer. They may be spending time chatting with friends or online friends.

It is not good for a child or an adult to sit for more than two hours at a time. Maintaining good posture should also be kept in mind when browsing a phone or a tablet on the go.

  • Advise your child to have small breaks. 
  • Remember to teach your child to sit straight, too. This prevents shoulder pains.
  • Remind your child that a tablet device and a phone should be watched with their head upright and not leaning forwards. If the child’s head is leant forwards, shoulder and neck pains can occur quickly.


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