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Puberty is an exciting period. A developing child may be confused. As a parent, you may also have many questions in mind.

A teen is talking on the phone with a friend.

A child going through puberty requires support and a safe adult who can deal with the teen’s volatile moods. On the other hand, a teen also needs space to develop and grow. Some things teens will only share things with their friends. 

Your child is starting to become more and more independent. You will also need to learn to give them space for this process, even if it may feel difficult.

However, a parent’s presence is still important. Tell and show your child that you are there for them. Ask how your child is doing and what has been going on at school, for example.


The videos provide information about the development of an adolescent’s emotions and thoughts, as well as tips on how to support young people and stay calm.  


Answers to some questions are available on the Family Support site, and more information is available by using the links provided.

There is plenty of information and support available for the parents of teenagers. You can find links on the right side of the page (on certain devices these are located at the bottom).

Nuori-vanhempi-aikuinen-sanakirja, Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto (pdf)

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Use yourself as an example and speak directly


Puberty is a trying time for parents