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Identity and self-esteem

Each child is a unique individual. As a parent, you can see how your child grows and watch their journey as a person. You can also make this journey easier. 

A child is looking in the mirror with admiration.

Tip for supporting a child’s identity and self-esteem:

  • Help your child to identify and find their own strengths. 
  • Say good things about your child. Talk positively about yourself, other family members, your friends and acquaintances, too. A child hears how you talk about others: what you approve of and what you disapprove of.
  • Encourage and urge your child to trust in themselves. Show that you also have faith in them and trust them.
  • Support your child through disappointments.
  • Remember to ask often how your child is doing, what have they been up to and what do they like. Listen to your child and pay attention to them.

Your child wants you to accept them as they are. A strong identity and self-esteem grow in a loving family. It is important to a child that you are interested in them and their thoughts. Children and young people require boundaries, love and understanding. You do not have to know how to be a perfect parent and educator. You will learn together with your child.


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