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Children aged 7–9 years are usually calm and enthusiastic. The new pupils learn new things quickly and are able to work together with others. Sometimes the child will want to do things without help, but sometimes he or she will want to be supported and held by their parent and will need their attention.

Each child grows and develops at their own pace. The information related to development stages is therefore only referential.

A 7-year-old child in a prince costume is adventuring with the family dog.

Even though the child is at school, playing and private activities are still the child’s right. Give your child time to play.

The child may require support in controlling his or her volatile emotions. The child will want to experience success and receive thanks for doing their duties. You can give the child some chores and other duties suitable for their level, which the child can then complete.

A 7–9-year-old child can tell the difference between right and wrong quite well. It is important that the family agrees on and discusses ground rules together.

More information about the development of 7–9-year-old children is available, for example, in the Vanhempainnettiservice provided by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (in Finnish) and on the pages of  the Family Federation of Finland (in Finnish). More links are available in the links list.

The development of children’s emotions, experiences and sexuality is discussed in videos featuring child psychiatrist Raisa Cacciatore (in Finnish).

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