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Growth and development

School children of different ages are developing their social skills with family, friends and hobbies.

A school-age child grows and learns something new every day. Here, you can find information on the growth of a school-age child and, for example, about the development of social and reasoning skills. 

You can read the texts, watch the videos and find out more through the links. 

You can find information and tips concerning the following questions, for example:

  • How can you, as a parent and as an educator, support the self-esteem of your child?
  • How can you support your child with emotional control during the child’s different growth phases?
  • How can you control yourself with a teenager?
  • How does school health care support the growth and development of children?

A loving family and a safe home are vital to a child’s balanced development.

02.01.2019 12:57

Identity and self-esteem

How can you support a child’s self-esteem?

School health care

The growth and development of children is monitored at school