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Co-operation between home and school

Parents and a teacher meet to discuss about a child's schooling.

Parents play an important role in supporting their child’s schooling. Cooperation and communication between home and school is important throughout comprehensive school. 

The principles and methods of cooperation between home and school are set out in each school’s curriculum. They include:

  • parents’ evenings
  • short parent-teacher meetings
  • communication via the electronic Wilma system.

The practicalities and operations of cooperation are agreed between the school and the guardians. Cooperation between home and school is reciprocal. The guardians have the primary responsibility for raising the child and ensuring that they fulfil their compulsory education obligation. The school’s duty is to support the pupil’s growth and learning as a member of the school community.

The parents will also act as an example for their child of how adults act together and manage matters. How you talk about school, teachers and school-related matters in front of your child matters. As a parent and an educator, you work together with the school in all matters related to your own child. Read more: pupil-level co-operation, Vanhempainliitto (in Finnish).



Wilma is an online service that is used in all schools in Helsinki. It contains plenty of information about the pupils, subjects and timetables. It is also one of the cooperation channels between home and school.


Parents’ committee

Parents and families have the opportunity to have their say on school affairs.

Each school has a school board, which also includes the representatives parents have chosen to represent them. The Helsinki Education Committee selects the members for terms of four years. The board will make decisions concerning the school’s operational plan, select teachers for permanent posts, approve the budget and present the school’s curriculum to the Education Committee for approval.

Often, schools have parents’ committees to support school operations. In the parent’s committee, you can get involved in developing the school to better benefit children and young people, based on your own interests. At the same time, you will get to know the parents and school personnel.

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