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Child at school

School children are on a field trip to the woods where they use smartphones and tablets to learn about trees.

School-age children spend a large part of their time at school. There, they will learn the knowledge and skills needed in life and play with their friends. Parents may have many questions about school. More information about starting school.  

A teacher and parents communicate online through Wilma.


Every weekday, children spend many hours at school. What do the children, the teachers and other school personnel do? 

As a parent, you can learn more about school 

  • by asking your child
  • through Wilma
  • through the school’s website
  • by sending an email or calling the teacher or the school office, for example
  • by participating in parent-teacher evenings and other events
  • by participating in development of the school in various groups or through the parents’ committee.

A new curriculum was introduced in autumn 2016. More information about curricula is available through the links in the link bar. The OPS Portal (in Finnish) provided by the City of Helsinki also features the school-specific curriculums.

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School meals

What food do they serve at school?

Co-operation between home and school

How can I have a say on school matters? How does Wilma work?

Student welfare

Who looks after my child’s well-being at school?

After-school activities

Miten lapseni pääsee mukaan iltapäivätoimintaan?