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School aged children

A school-age child brings much joy to the family, but also new challenges. This section offers diverse information, videos and links to families with 6–13-year-old children.

Three cheerful children are chatting on the way to school.

You can find information about, for example:

The child starts to do things more independently. Becoming independent and taking responsibility requires practice. As a parent and a guardian you can support your child’s learning.  

Everyday challenges can arise in contexts such as finding a nice hobby, managing social media, or bullying. 

Diverse support for the parents of school-age children, you can read more by visiting the parenthood and being an educator page or lack of networks and support, for example. 

You can always contact the child’s school in all school-related matters.


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Starting school

Starting a school is a time for change for a child, because it brings new adults, new children, a new growth environment and new expectations to the life.

Child at school

What is done at school, school holidays, preventing bullying, parent involvement...

After-school activities

After-school activities are leisure time activities that support the educational work of homes and schools.


Hobbies for the child, activities for the family

Parenthood and everyday life

Help with everyday challenges and support with parenting

Well-being in the family

Remember to take care of yourself, too!