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Family coaching in Helsinki

Family coaching groups are cancelled for now. More information on the video below.

Material used in Family coaching in 2020


    Childbirth is a great unknown that makes every first-timer more or less nervous. For many, it is the first time in their lives when they simply cannot know how things will go. Usually, they cannot even know when it will happen! Since we cannot plan childbirth in advance, can we prepare for it? We can, and we should. Studies show that those who have prepared rate their childbirth experience as better in retrospect, even when the experience has been difficult and everything has gone differently than expected.

    A good information package on childbirth has been compiled on the Family Support and Naistalo websites. Take your time in exploring the sections. You may feel like there is a lot of information to absorb at once, but take it one thing at a time. (in Finnish)

    Recovery from childbirth (in Finnish)


    How do I prepare for breastfeeding? What purchases do I need to make for breastfeeding? Why should I breastfeed? Are there any benefits? What if I get a wound in my nipple at the beginning of breastfeeding? How can a spouse or support person support breastfeeding? When expecting, preparing for breastfeeding and gaining information is very important. The spouse is an important support person for breastfeeding, so get to know the topics of breastfeeding together. (in Finnish)


    The Naistalo website has good videos related to basic baby care. You will also find information about newborn screenings, i.e. the tests that are done on your baby after birth, and how you are discharged from the hospital. (in Finnish)

    Role of father/spouse

    The role of the spouse or support person is absolutely essential despite the emergency conditions and limitations. The Family Support and Naistalo websites have good texts on the subject. Before childbirth, you should think together about different ways to create a sense of security for the mother in the delivery situation and how the division of labour at home will be carried out after the childbirth. Discuss what is most natural to you and what thoughts this evokes. (in Finnish)

    Preparing for parenthood

    Parenthood brings a new dimension to the parents’ relationship as well. The parents do not have to be together to be good parents, and the composition of families varies a lot. A good relationship needs work and the parties can influence its functionality. Even small actions and discussions help to keep the relationship balanced and alive. There is no script for parenthood, and there are many different kinds of good parenting. It is important to find your own way of being a parent and discuss it with your spouse. For some, the feelings towards the baby begin already during pregnancy, for others on the first encounter with the baby, and for others it takes a little longer. This is perfectly normal, and you should give it time.

    Information on parenthood and preparing for the baby’s arrival is available on the Family Support website.

    See also (depending on your situation)

    HUS frequently asked questions about the emergency conditions and limitations (in Finnish)

    Vanhempainnetti service provided by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (in Finnish)

    Family Federation of Finland: various information on relationships and online courses (in Finnish)

    There is also a lot of information about parenthood on the Family Federation of Finland website. Finnish Association for Breastfeeding Support: Pregnancy guide (in Finnish)

    Duoduo: Family training online course in English

    Finnish Multiple Births Association http://www.suomenmonikkoperheet.if/

    Please note that audio books and e-books on the subject are available in libraries and various streaming services.

Test your knowledge

  1. Mitkä ovat synnytyksen eri vaiheet? Mitä niissä tapahtuu?
  2. Milloin synnytyksen alkaessa tulee lähteä sairaalaan? Kuinka kauan voi odotella kotona ja mitkä ovat tilanteet jolloin pitää olla heti yhteydessä sairaalaan?
  3. Listaa erilaisia lääkkeettömiä kivunlievityskeinoja. Mihin tarvitset niitä, vaikka toiveissasi olisi myös lääkkeelliset vaihtoehdot?
  4. Mikä on supistusten tehtävä?
  5. Mitä hyötyä äänenkäytöstä, hengitys- tai mielikuvaharjoituksista on synnytyksen aikana?
  6. Mitä erilaisia hoitotoimenpiteitä vastasyntynyt vauva tarvitsee päivittäin?
  7. Miksi ihokontakti on vastasyntyneelle tärkeää?
  8. Imetyksestä puhuttaessa puhutaan turvamerkeistä? Mitä ne ovat?
  9. Listaa kolme asiaa, jotka auttavat imetyksen käynnistymisessä synnytyksen jälkeen.
  10. Mitä tarkoittaa baby blues?
  11. Mitä tarkoitetaan jälkisupistuksilla? Entä jälkivuodolla?
  12. Miettikää omia vahvuuksianne, mitkä asiat vauvanhoidossa ovat mieleisiä juuri sinulle. Miten voisitte jakaa vastuuta arjessa?

Family coaching in normal circumstances

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