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Diet and oral health during pregnancy

Diet during pregnancy

Proper nutrition is important for the growth and development of the soon-to-be-born child as well as for the well-being of the expectant mother. Regular meals are the cornerstone of a healthy diet. A diverse diet includes plenty of different coloured vegetables, fruit and berries, wholegrains, regular portions of fish and vegetable oil, low-fat dairy products as well as a reasonable amount of chicken, meat or plant-based protein sources. You can also create diverse meals with the help of the plate model.

Vitamin D and folic acid supplements are recommended for all pregnant women. For more information, please see Special diet recommendations for pregnancy (pdf)

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Recommendations and guidelines (THL)

 Regular and diverse meals are the cornerstone of a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Oral health during pregnancy

During the pregnancy it is recommended to change the customs and routines of the whole family so that they support the good oral health of the future baby, too. Bad teeth are not hereditary, but eating habits and dental health care routines of parents and siblings are transmitted to the new baby. The dental caries bacteria that cause tooth decay can also be transmitted to the baby. 

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