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Electronic services

You can use the electronic services to take care of matters related to your maternity and child health clinic or healthcare, among other things. You can also apply for a place in day care, preschool or a club for your child.

Parents are using the electronic services to making an appointment with the maternity and child health clinic nurse via the electronic services while the children are playing next to them.

Clients of the maternity and child health clinic can make an appointment with a nurse online. All child health clinics also use online communication services. You can send a message to your nurse via a secure connection with these services. Your nurse can send you information about your treatment, such as your laboratory results, via the electronic service or with an SMS. You will need to sign an agreement to use the electronic services. If you are a maternity clinic client, you can fill in the agreement online at You will need your personal online banking credentials or a mobile certificate to log into the website.

In order to use the electronic services in matters related to your child, you must fill in an agreement for acting on behalf of another person, which you will then need to sign and deliver to the maternity and child health clinic or health station.

A consent/agreement on the use of electronic services on behalf of a child or other relative (Te-126) (in Finnish):
. doc | .pdf

Exceptions to the available appointments via the electronic services

For the time being, the following cannot be booked online: first appointment with a maternity clinic, a home visit and check-up after the birth, and the check-ups at the child health clinic at the ages of 4–6 weeks, 4 months, 8 months and 18 months. Appointments for these can be made via the clinic’s phone service, tel. (09) 310 55530. You can use the online service to make, reschedule or cancel appointments with a nurse.

Electronic service for dental care

You can make appointments for your child if you have been registered as their contact person in the patient document. With dental care, the first appointment should always be made by calling the dental care appointments service.

One- and three-year-old children will be sent a letter advising the parents to take their child to have a children’s oral health check-up. Once you have received this letter, you can book an appointment via the electronic service. You can use the service to check, confirm, cancel or reschedule your appointments.

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