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Leaving for the hospital

When leaving for the hospital, a first-time mother should remember:

  • To always call the maternity hospital before leaving. The midwives will assess the urgency of the case and give necessary instructions. Due to lack of room, the mother may also be asked to go to another hospital.
  • Once the contractions have lasted for a few hours and are coming every five minutes, you should leave for the hospital, either by car or taxi.
  • If your waters break at home, but you are not yet having contractions, you must remain lying down. This is particularly important if the maternity clinic has told you that the baby’s head has not yet engaged.
  • If your labour pain is intense and does not pass on its own, or if you are bleeding heavily, you should call an ambulance instead of driving a car to the hospital. If, however, the bleeding is similar to menstrual bleeding, it is safe to use your own car.

Parents-to-be leave for the maternity hospital.

You should take your maternity clinic card, personal hygiene items and a pair of slippers with you. You can also pack some entertainment. You should choose clothes for your baby in advance for leaving the hospital, but you do not necessarily need to bring them with you to the delivery.

At the hospital, the midwives and doctors are there for the parents and the baby. They wish for your first meeting with your baby to be as safe, calm and happy as possible. The staff will do their best to honour your family’s wishes if you let them know about them openly.

21.10.2020 15:51