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Preparing for childbirth

The birth of their own child is a unique, emotional and tender experience for the parents. The memories and experiences of the birth may have a strong impact on the life of the mother, in particular, for a long time afterwards.

It is impossible to know in advance how the birth will go, but one can be prepared for it and train for it. It is probable that the birth is easier and perhaps even shorter, when the expectant mother and her partner both know which factors facilitate it.

It is possible to find support for the preparing process from various guides, prenatal classes and discussion groups as well as through trained birth companions, i.e. doulas. At the moment, there is no established municipal or governmental party that would provide these services, so most of them are subject to a charge.

If you are worried about the birth, it is also possible to visit the maternity hospital’s ‘fear clinic’ to discuss the matters. You can get a referral to the clinic from the maternity clinic.

Hormones of labour and birth and their effect on the birth 

Relaxing during labour 

The partner helps the mother to relax during labour.

The following section has some tips on how to relax. These methods are easy to apply during birth, if you practice them in advance. By training in advance, you can also find out, which parts of your body you tend to tense, so you can relax them easier with some concentration. This helps you to stay comfortable, facilitates the delivery and eases the important work of contractions. Most people tend to tense their shoulders and chins by grinding their teeth together, so you should pay special attention to making these areas more relaxed. With the help of training, relaxation becomes quicker and more automatic. It has been proven that training has a positive effect on the experience of giving birth.

If you have some fears concerning the birth, you should process them and discuss them with others. Discussion partners are available, for example, through various forums, discussion evenings, family guidance, doula evenings, prenatal classes, the maternity clinic or a hospital’s fear clinic.

Two-breath relaxation 

Autogenous method 

Deep breathing 

Using your voice 

Guided imagery 


Moving around 

Other methods 

Wish list for the birth 

Useful sources 



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